Real Estate

The purchase and sale of real estate represent major financial commitments by both the purchaser and the seller of the land, and the execution of very significant legal documents.  Legal advice is a critical component of any real estate transaction, and should be sought prior to signing any purchase or sale contract.  Lawyers should be consulted before an offer is signed, or at least during the condition period; getting legal advice after conditions have been waived is often too late.

There is no such thing as a “simple” real estate transaction, which doesn’t require legal advice in advance; even the most straightforward transaction can turn sour, resulting in years of expensive litigation.  CAMERON HORNE LAW OFFICE provides professional service at all stages of your transaction, from providing advice prior to signing any purchase or sale contract, to efficiently completing the transaction.

CAMERON HORNE LAW OFFICE focuses on real estate transactions, and we are committed to providing quality legal services at competitive rates.

Please contact our office 403.531.2700 for a free quotation for the sale or purchase of real property, or to discuss your sale or purchase transaction.

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