There are a number of different ways of carrying on small businesses in the Province of Alberta, which vary in complexity and formality. A full assessment of the type of business, the associated risks, and potential rewards of the business must be made prior to deciding on the form that your business should assume.

The information provided in this section is a very brief overview of the issues surrounding the establishment of businesses in Alberta. A full discussion with the lawyers at CAMERON HORNE LAW OFFICE is a necessary component of any business structure. It is also highly recommended to consult a tax specialist prior to establishing any business in Alberta.

CAMERON HORNE LAW OFFICE has extensive experience advising our clients as to their business needs, and offer sound, practical advice when establishing your business model and supporting your needs into the future.

Form of Business
At its simplest, there are three ways to carry on business in Alberta:

  • As a Sole Proprietor;
  • As a Partner in a partnership;
  • As a Corporation; or
  • As a combination of one or more of these forms.