Condominium Boards

Condominium corporations, through their respective volunteer Boards of Directors, operate under the authority given to them by the Condominium Property Act, the Condominium Property Regulation, and the bylaws of the particular condominium corporation.

Members of the condominium’s Board of Directors are elected from amongst the owners in the project at the annual owner’s meeting. The Board of Directors is required to manage the property for the benefit of all of the owners of units in the project. This can be a very complex task, and one which should not be undertaken lightly.

The bylaws and the Condominium Property Act provide procedures that a Board of Directors can use to enforce bylaws, and to impose penalties on those owners in the project who will not comply with the Board’s requests. The most common issue Boards have to deal with is the non-payment of monthly condominium fees, or of special assessments.

Cameron Horne Law Office has considerable experience assisting Boards of Directors with enforcement of condominium bylaws, in particular assisting with the collection of condominium arrears. We have experience with proceedings before the Court of Queen’s Bench to obtain the necessary Court Orders to require owners to abide by the condominium’s bylaws, or to carry on foreclosure actions based on failure to pay condominium fees, fines, or special assessments.

We also assist Boards of Directors to update and amend their condominium bylaws to better reflect the current requirements of the corporation. Bylaw revision can be a complex task, and our office assists Boards to ensure that the bylaws are in compliance with the Condominium Property Act and Regulations, and that they meet the needs of the owners in the project. We provide draft bylaws, based on instructions we receive from the Board, and can attend regular Board meetings to answer questions, and take further instructions, directly.

In addition, Cameron Horne Law Office has developed an education program for Boards of Directors to assist the directors in the execution of their duties and to provide advice as to the roles and responsibilities of the directors, both individually and as part of the Board. We offer a one-half day seminar to Boards of Directors, and will meet with the members of the Board, at a location of the Board’s choice, to deliver the seminar to the directors. Please call our office to inquire as to our fees for our seminar, and to ask any other questions about this program.

Cameron Horne Law Office is pleased to discuss any condominium governance issues and to provide our advice and suggestions. Please call our office to receive a fee quotation, or to set up an appointment to discuss any particular issues facing your Board of Directors.